Conditions of sale (europe)  

To engage our company any order must be confirmed in our offices , by email, by fax or by an internet on-line order on web site, the order becomes effective when it has been confirmed by us by fax or email

Except contrary and written stipulation, all our invoices payable at 30 days, it is not given up this right by issuing a letter of change on the buyer, all internet on-line orders requires pre-payment by paypal our by electronic wire transfer on our bank account any other payment will not be accepted

We make all our provisions to respect the deadlines and we do not accept any penalty of delay

The delay in the delivery cannot in no case to give place to the cancellation of an order

In the event of nonpayment within te delay we reserve ourselves the right to consider the sale solved automatically and without written notice

The goods remain our property untill the full payment

The risks are supported by the purchasers, the paid installments could be preserved by way of damage

The goods are dispatched with the risks and dangers of the recipient

Any complaint to be valid must be transmitted to us in writing in the five days which follow the reception of the goods

Any sum not paid in its term carries automatically interest at the interest rates applied by the national bank at the time of the issue of the invoice for the promises and the drafts not domiciled in raised bank from 2%

When the credit of the purchaser worsens, we reserve ourselves the right even after partial execution of the order, to obtain the prove of credit that we will juge suitable to continue the execution of the order, not fullfilling this request gives us the right to cancel the excution the order

not fullfilling this request gives us the right to cancel the excution the order

In the event of nonpayment d'une invoice in its term we reserve ourselves the right to increase its amount of 12% with a minimum of 20 EUROS

In the event of dispute the courts are only qualified

The exchange rate risk is supported by the purchaser

Non-payment of only one invoice in its term makes exigible automatically the balance on all the other invoices even not fallen

Except contrary stipulation in written within a quotation, the sale of material does not include/understand the installation and the startup of this one

The guarantee for the sold products is one year, the guarantee does not include/understand the possible transport charges and work hours on site those will be invoiced separately if necessary

The prices mentioned are in Euro VAT inclusive

The prices mentioned are indicative and can be modified at any time without prior notice

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