Shipping costs Europe EEC
Zone covered by the transport service : Europe ECC countries (France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Deutschland, Greece, Luxemburg, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweeden, Norway)

 United Kingdom
(possible shipping mode, post mail, UPS, FEDEX, DHL)
delivery delay 5 to 12 days after payment, express delivery on request = supplement

Total amount of the order Shipping costs
0 - 150 € 15 €
150 - 250 € 20 €
250 - 400 € 25 €
400 - 500 € 30 €
+500 € 35 €

Additional general information

a)  You can also make a request for a quotation by email in the following cases

b)  You are a professionnal contractor or wholesaler and you wish to receive an invoice, you want to receive a personalized offer, to open a prefessional account we ask for an initial ordering of minimum 1500 pound, except contrary stipulations the professionnal accounts must be payed by electronic wire transfer directly on our account.

c)  You do not want to pay by paypal, we make it possible to you to pay by bank electronic wire transfer on our account (on request by email, manually processed orders)

d)  Certain not very bulky products can be sent with reduced transport costs, call us before placing order

e)   For the shipment of bulky or heavy products or for the shipment to sensitive regions, we reserve ourselves of the right not to send the products if the shipping charges largely exceed the standard shipping charges, in this case we propose to the customer an increase of the shipping charges with its agreement, the customer can refuse this modification of the order, in this case it will be completely refunded already paid amounts, in case of doubt call us before placing an order

d) shipments to other zones will only be accepted on special request by email  is a sales department of, 
BCM Xrefcontrols UK, London WCIN 3XX, England